From the depths of internet chatter, a physical Wii60 is born from Se2 Labs. However, it's really called the ITC One and it's more than just two consoles shoved in a box. The home theater in a rectangular prism includes an iPod dock, HD personal video recorder, ICEpower amplifiers and Bryon Digital Surround Processor. All the technology put into the unit brings the price to $25,000 or about 41 separate Wii60s* ($250 for a Wii and $350 for an Xbox 360 Premium). That pretty much puts the device out of the price range for the average household.


Surely, at that price range they could have thrown a PlayStation 3 as a Blu-ray disc player instead. I asked the CEO of Se2 Labs, Michael Pyle, why not. “The PlayStation 3 is not as user friendly and it doesn’t have access to a Windows Media Center.” Ah, got it. The next question in my mind was would Se2 Labs ever make an all-in-one entertainment pack with a PS3 and he responded with, “probably not.” But, why add the Wii? “It fit in there so we figured, why not?” I suppose that is a fair answer. Unfortunately, anyone who drops 25 grand on the ITC One won’t be able to play Gamecube games or DDR: Hottest Party since there is no way to remove the Wii and expose the Gamecube ports. I was also told people who bought the system didn’t really care about the loss of backwards compatibility anyways.

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