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Four Players Can Control Up To Eight Ships In Shmup Score Rush Extended 撃点



Score Rush Extended 撃点, which was an award winning and popular Japanese bullet hell shmup when it originally released on Xbox Live Indie Games, has released on PS4.




As the “world’s first widescreen bullet-hell shmup”, Score Rush Extended 撃点 lets up to four players control 1-2 ships each as they their use rainbow-hued weapons to tear their enemies apart. The player’s hit box will always be visible during the chaos of combat as well, making it a little easier for everyone to stay alive.




There are no combos or bonuses for players looking to climb the game’s leaderboards. The developer’s philosophy on shmups is: “Empower the player. Increased challenge comes from increased game difficulty, not player weakness. Allow domination. Never let the game be at fault for player death. Reward domination. No gimmicks. No hidden points or bonuses. To get the highest score, dominate the game (kill everything as fast as possible).”



Score Rush Extended 撃点 was a top indie pick in Famitsu Xbox 360 during its time on Xbox Live Indie Games, won a $50000 prize from the Tizen App Challenge, and received several other accolades. 

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