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Your Four Princess Knights Training Story Details Its Instruction System


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Your Four Princess Knights Training Story is a game where you as the “Instructor Knight” needs to train four princesses, and Nippon Ichi has revealed more information about the ‘Instruction System’ that players will utilize in order to progress in the game. [Thanks, 4gamer]


Direct Instruction:

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The ‘Direct Instruction’ system is where the player can praise or scold the princesses. It can be done at various times in conversation or in battle, and the princesses will say different lines during different circumstances.


By performing Direct Instruction, you can obtain ‘Knowledge Materia’ which are used in strengthening the princesses.


Princess Parameters and Knowledge Materia:

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The four princesses’ strengths are shown through the five stat parameters, ‘Military Prowess’, ‘Education’, ‘Courage’, ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Trust’. By increasing these stats, the princesses will increase their attack, defense, and unlock new skills.


The parameters are increased through using ‘Knowledge Materia’, which come in different types that increase different parameters.


The Princesses as ‘Commanders’:

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The princesses take to the battlefield as commanders of the army. The commanders all have various strong attacks that can decimate enemies, but in order to clear battles coordination with troops is crucial.


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There are several types of troops, including the close-range foot soldiers, and armored mages which fight from a distance. While they mainly follow the commander, special commands can be issued for them to fight individually and perform special attacks.


Strategic elements on the battlefield:

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There are several gimmicks and strategic elements that can help the player out in the game. Relics are ancient structures that can be found on the field, and can be used as a trap or healing spot after it is captured. Also, by coordinating and alternating attacks with your troops, enemies will drop items and as well as money.


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The princesses all use different weapons and skills, and there will be boss battles that require strategies to defeat.


Turn the tide of battle with Direct Instruction:

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By utilizing Direct Instruction while on the battlefield in certain situations, the player can increase the princess’ stats, recover their health or even bring them back from being knocked out. However the amount of times it can be used is limited, so it has to be used carefully.


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Finally, Nippon Ichi revealed the first print bonuses for the game. Your Four Princess Knights Training Story’s first print copies will include a soundtrack CD and a booklet with character illustrations and in-game art as well. There will also be data on the CD for PC and smartphone wallpapers. The CD will come in a specially illustrated jacket.


Your Four Princess Knights Training Story will release in Japan on January 25, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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