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Your Four Princess Knights Training Story Introduces Monomaria And Alpana’s Abilities


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Nippon Ichi had a bit more to share on Your Four Princess Knights Training Story, specifically on the princesses Monomaria Yudaria and Alpana Almar, as well as a more in depth look at the world map. [Thanks, 4gamer]


Monomaria Yudaria (CV: Rarisa Tago Takeda)

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A princess of Yudaria, a fallen noble family that belonged to an aristocratic merchant alliance. She may be going through difficult times with poverty, but she still has many retainers who look up to her, with whom she grouped up to form a hired mercenaries business to make a living.


She uses a gatling gun, which shoots but can also be used at close range as well, so she is an all-rounder character. She tends to be very strict on herself, as she wishes to rebuild her family name and avenge her family.


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Monomaria can do a Charge Attack, which is done by holding and releasing the attack button. Although it is a highly damaging shot, while charging, she is defenseless, so players will need to be careful. Her Arc Attack fires an AOE targeted attack, which can easily stagger enemies in its impact area.


Alpana Almar (CV: Yuuki Kuwahara)

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A princess who founded the “Great Kamara Teachings,” a longtime faith of the North Kamara Tribe. She’s a philanthropist who aims to unify all families, and is admired by many believers. She uses dual swords in battle, which makes her the speediest character. As a member of the dragon tribe, she possesses wings to help her fly.


She is adventuring around the islands to save people and find what she is looking for. She likes sweet food, but she is at the age where she worries it might increase the width of her tail.


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Alpana’s Charge Attack is a move done by first charging power with the attack button. With upgrades, it can hit in up to 3 directions at once. Her Rush Attack closes in on enemies quickly with a quick set of downward slices.


World Map


The game is set in the ‘Archipalego of Ruins’, which is split into four countries that have different cultures and environments. The world map is overlayed into a web of Towns which act as bases, and “Action Stages”.


world 2 world 3

world 4 world 5

Missions occur on the world map. Players make a team of troops and send them to symbols that say ‘Mission’, which comes in forms such as ‘monster slaying’ maps, ‘defense’ maps, ‘ally reinforcement’ maps, and ‘routing the enemy’ maps. When the target map is chosen, the troops will head in the direction, and fight any monsters or enemies who are in the way.


Apart from Story Missions, there are also missions related to the world and characters in the story.


world 6 world 7

Here, Monomaria receives a request to escort the troops their destination safely. In another mission, Veronica is attacked by troops that failed to enter her army.


mission 2 mission 3

mission 1

Liliati is given a mission to help defeat enemies attacking troops that are procuring food supplies.


Generic Commanders:

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In a previous report, we introduced the different classes of troops available. They are also available as Generic Commanders, who can be employed to have additional troops to command on the world map. The Generic Commanders available to be employed grow stronger with the princess’ abilities.


map 1 map 2

When crossing the world map, conversations may happen, and items may be picked up as well.


Your Four Princess Knights Training Story releases in Japan on January 25, 2018 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch.

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