FPS Creator Hits The Bullseye With Steam Greenlight


FPS Creator Reloaded has been Greenlit on Steam. This “game” is a pretty hefty 3D-engine base that lets users create their own worlds and levels before running around in it in first-person mode (FPS Mode).



From the video, it looks like it will be relatively easy for players to get in and start creating worlds via simple paint tools and other means. The cool news is that backers will be able to help vote for what new feature should be introduced next, and some things in the pipelines include Oculus Rift support, media importing and scripting.


fpsc-ss01 fpsc-shadows-through-material

The point here is that the game hopes that gamers who’ve always wanted to try their hand at level-making will be excited to try it out if it becomes easier to do. Need a sky frame? How about water that pools and flows automatically?


While not perfect (and certainly not something that would likely stand up to, say, Call of Duty or Battlefield) it does have quite a good amount of detail within already for you to tinker around with. Dynamic lighting is handled automatically and there’s also basic NPC quests and characters that you can implement within the world.



fpsc-ss06 rel010


You can check out FPS Creator at its Steam page here or on their home page here.