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Free Online Game Caravan Stories Now Available On PS4 With English Support


 caravan stories 2

Back in September, Aiming and Sony announced that their free online game Caravan Stories, which originally released on smartphones, was coming to the PS4 as a free-to-play title. The game is now available on the JP PlayStation Store.


Surprisingly, this version of Caravan Stories has support for English and Traditional Chinese as well, alongside Japanese. The official site is now open, and has an English site where you can find out more about how to play the game.


Here’s the story premise below:


Begin your journey through a never-ending fantasy world across many different races!


There are many beings living in the fantastic world of Iyarr.
Those who fly, those who walk, those who leap, and those who prowl.
Form bonds with the many beings living in Iyarr from the back of your magical fortress, the Caravan.

Challenge the mysterious Enigma — an enemy to all!


Finally, here’s the game’s first trailer that was shared earlier this month:


Caravan Stories is now available on the Japanese PS Store for PlayStation 4. The game is also available on iOS and Android.

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