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Freedom Planet Will Meet All Your Sonic Needs On Wii U On August 3rd


It was previously announced by developer Galaxytrail Games that its 2D action platformer Freedom Planet would be coming to Wii U near the end of this year. Turns out that prediction was a little out as the game is now listed by Nintendo for a Wii U launch on August 3rd.


Comparable to classic Sonic games, Freedom Planet is a combat-based platformer that focuses on high-speed and exploration while following a dragon girl called Lilac and her friends on the planet Avalice as they fight against an invading alien force.




There are three playable characters who each have their own unique abilities:


  • As Lilac, you can whip enemies with your hair or use the Dragon Boost to fly through the air at high speed like a comet.


  • As Carol, you can bust through foes with a flurry of punches and kicks or summon a motorcycle that lets you ride up walls and ceilings.


  • As Milla, you can summon blocks to throw at enemies or reflect their attacks back at them with a psychic shield.


Find out more about Freedom Planet on its website.

Chris Priestman