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Freedom Planet’s Arrival On Wii U Delayed Until August 20th


Previously, Freedom Planet’s arrival on Wii U was dated as August 3rd. We’re well past that date now and it hasn’t turned up yet. So where the heck is it? Well, it has been delayed.


Galaxytrail Games took to its forums to announce that the Wii U version of the fast-paced 2D platformer has currently been pushed back until August 20th.


The reason? A bug was discovered that only turned up in the retail versions of the Wii U console that causes the hardware to freeze, requiring a hard reset. It wasn’t found before now as both Galaxytrail and Nintendo had only tested the game on dev kit units.


“We cannot allow the game to launch in a state that would potentially cause damage to Wii U consoles or make players think there is something wrong with their console, so we are delaying again until the issue is fixed,” writes Galaxytrail.


Hopefully this bug can be fixed before August 20th or, well, we may see another delay.

Chris Priestman