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Freedom Wars’ First Major Update Adds Online Play And More



Freedom Wars didn’t include online multiplayer upon release, but Sony Computer Entertainment will add the feature through their first major update. This week’s issue of Famitsu magazine shows us what else it will include. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]



The online infrastructure mode allows players to join in on missions together, but not only does it include text chatting as a means of communication, but it will also feature voice chat.


One of the new features Sony are adding is the Enemy Territory Invasion, where you’ll get to attack hostile Panapticons as a Volunteer challenge. By successfully attacking the opposing Panapticon, you can diminish their GDPP.


Previously, you could only play Volunteer missions you’ve completed with other players on multiplayer. The upcoming major update will now let you advance through the story as you play along with other players.


Finally, the update also introduces character rankings, where the ranking boards previously showed rankings for the city-states, but now they will have one for the players, as well. Those who place in the higher ranks will have special prizes awaiting them.


A release date has yet to be announced for Freedom Wars’ first major update. The game is expected to be released later this year in the West.

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