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Freedom Wars Patch Fixes Some Balance Issues And Adds New Actions



Freedom Wars players in Japan have been expressing their thoughts about the game’s balance problems, which prompted a response from producer Junichi Yoshizawa. Following up on the issue, Yoshizawa recently shared a few notes on an upcoming patch that will aim to fix a few of the game’s problems.


Yoshizawa wrote on his blog that the development team is currently working on a patch to adjust the degree of difficulty in Freedom Wars, and thanks players for sharing their feedback.


He goes on to mention that in most situations, problems should be thoroughly checked prior to release, but in this case, he felt that they needed a better understanding through feedback from fans themselves before taking action.


According to the producer, it will be a little difficult to release the patch this week, as much as they would like to do so, but next week should be a possibility. Yoshizawa apologizes for having fans wait a little longer.


As far as what the patch will change is concerned, it looks like various stages from chapter 7 and onward will see several adjustments such as enemy respawn time, lower health for certain Abductors, and more.


Chapter itself 7 will have a change in enemy prisoners and their thorn-whips, along with their AI, and weapons. The patch also adds a new action that allows players to use the thorn-whip in the middle of a dash, in addition to new control schemes for the whip.


Yoshizawa ends the blog post with another apology for fans who found the game to be a little unfair, and once again asks them to wait just a little longer for the patch.


Freedom Wars will be released sometime this year in the West, and will have 50 cities instead of Japanese prefectures for the Panopticons of the City-State War mode.

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