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Freedom Wars Producer Leaves The Project, Talks Possibilities Of A Sequel



After traveling a total of around 20,000km (12,427 miles) to promote Freedom Wars as part of a tour visiting game shops across all 47 prefectures of Japan, producer Junichi Yoshizawa spoke with Famitsu, and shared a little on the possibility of a sequel to the game.


During the interview, Yoshizawa expressed his surprise at seeing some miracles like how two players in Okinawa managed to get their jail sentence time to 0 at the exact same time.



“While we did see some people during the event at places like Gunma, that were close to reaching their prison sentence of zero years, having two of them, and also at the exact same time, was quite a miracle,” said Yoshizawa.


He continued, “I got to participate accomplish a Volunteer with Yasui-san (Shift game designer Toshiyuki Yasui), but the valuable moment of seeing the players accomplish one, is something that made me feel glad to have made this game, and also for being able to participate [in the event] as the makers of it.”


Next, Famitsu mentioned that after traveling across all 47 prefectures, they must’ve heard a lot of voices from fans asking for a sequel.


“As far as making another game goes, it can’t be decided with my intent alone. What’s more important are the voices from all the fans, which I got to hear a lot of during this recent event, and it truly made me happy,” said Yoshizawa.


“Things such as ‘I want to see what’s next!’ or ‘I want to play more!’ are stuff we hope to hear as the makers, and it’s something we’re not sure whether we’ll hear or not, but having been able to hear that directly truly made this a wonderful opportunity,” he added.


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Now that the big event is over, the producer has also announced that he is personality departing from the Freedom Wars project and left the following message on his official blog:


There’s something I have to tell you all.

I’ve decided to leave the Freedom Wars project.

I’d thank you all very much, to all of you who’ve supported  the titles I’ve worked on, especially Freedom Wars.


After telling you this, I believe that there will be many who might be worried about what’s going to happen with Freedom Wars.

From now on, Onuma [referring to assistant producer Tokuou Onuma] will carry on Freedom Wars.

Please look forward to hearing announcements from Onuma from now on.


After making Freedom Wars, I was able to meet many people, and got to spend some truly great times.

Using all the experience I got up until now, I plan on taking on a new challenge.

I look forward to the day we’ll all get to meet again!


I truly thank you all!

I’d like you to join me for one last shout!

“Let’s Contribute!”





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