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Freedom Wars Producer Responds To Players Who Say The Game Is Too Tough



It’s been about a week since Freedom Wars released in Japan and players seem to be having a tough time with the game’s difficulty. Producer Junichi Yoshizawa responded on the his official blog, regarding the difficulty and some free downloadable content.


Since the release of the game, players in Japan have voiced their concern through social media networking sites about the difficulty of Freedom Wars.


Freedom Wars is fun but the combat is too tough,” one player said. Another tweeted, “the enemies in Freedom Wars are unfairly too strong, I take two hits and die or sometimes get one-shot killed.” These are just some of the many quotes found on Twitter about the game’s difficulty.


Keep in mind, this is coming from a nation full of G-rank Hunters and seasoned veterans of the hunting genre, so they’re not exactly too shabby as players.


Here’s what Yoshizawa had to say about the players’ concern:


“It has come to my attention that the current players find the degree of difficulty to be too hard.


In regard to the matter, we’ll be looking at countermeasures in the next few days.


With all due apologies, please wait a little longer for corresponding details and the schedule.


Additionally, on July 3rd, we will be delivering new DLC. They are avatar parts that will be available for free.”


The free DLCs consists of an Eye Pack featuring seven new eye-types, and hairstyles for male and female characters, with ten different styles for each gender.


“Furthermore, I previously mentioned that I was thinking about releasing paid DLC, but this doesn’t mean that all additional content will require payment.


The reason the DLC is free this time, is because we feel that it is suitable as free content. Depending on the content, there will be some that will be paid, and others for free. I believe that pricing [in such a way] is of utmost importance.


When it comes to eyes, hairstyles, and other avatar parts, we’ve decided that they’re best delivered free of charge. We hope to see you all of you guys enjoy the body customization in Freedom Wars once the DLC items are delivered!


That is all for now!


So then, “Let’s Contribute!”


– Toshizawa.


Freedom Wars is currently available in Japan for PlayStation Vita, and will be release later this year in the West.

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