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Freedom Wars’ Propaganda Idols Cover One Of Vocaloid Kagamine Rin’s Songs



So we’ve seen the trio of idols in Freedom Wars called the Propaganda Idols, a group of pop stars that use their catchy songs to make sure prisoners don’t get any crazy ideas. It looks like one of the girls from the group recently got her own solo hit.



The above is a look at the Propaganda Idols member Opti and her solo cover of the “Nananana”track, originally by the Vocaloid Kagamine Rin. The track was arranged by Freedom Wars composer Kemmei Adachi, alongside Vocaloid producer Tennen, a.k.a. Oppiroge P.



For those of you interested, the above is the original track by Kagamine Rin. According to Famitsu, Panna from the Propaganda Idols will also get her own solo track, now that Cony and Opti got their own.


Freedom Wars is available in Japan for PlayStation Vita, and will be released later in the West.

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