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Freedom Wars Has A Special Hoverboard That Reminds Us Of Back To The Future II



Freedom Wars is set in the near (well, not exactly too near) future, where most of humanity are prisoners to the city-state panopticons. Just to remind us of how futuristic it is, Sony Computer Entertainment revealed a special Hoverboard-like item for the upcoming game.



While it does look like the Hoverboard seen in Back to the Future II, Freedom Wars is calling it the “Thruster Board,” a battle item that lets you travel in the air in high speed velocities.


This is a special prize item that they’ll be giving away as part of the promotional campaign for contributing to the Panopticon for players in Japan that participated in the demo. More details will be revealed about this special item in the near future.


Here are the top 5 Panopticons and how they performed:


  1. Tokyo—47,206,307 points
  2. Kanagawa—33,958,158 points
  3. Aichi—33,333,746 points
  4. Saitama—33,253,029 points
  5. Osaka—33,062,832 points


Freedom Wars will release in Japan on June 26, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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