PlayStation Vita

Freedom Wars Will Give You A Customizable Android Ally


Sony’s upcoming cooperative multiplayer game for the PlayStation Vita, Freedom Wars, has you play as a prisoner in a ruined world, forced to fight in wars as a way to mitigate your million year prison sentence. The game will have you fighting against giant enemies called Abductors. The latest issue of Famitsu shares some additional info following our earlier reports.


According to Famitsu, the Abductors who normally go around capturing civilians and your comrades might also be abducting you, the player, as well. However, you won’t be alone, as you’ll also have an allied android girl, who is responsible for keeping a close eye on the Criminals. This could possibly explain the female android who was shown getting her arm torn off by an Abductor in the recent trailer.


You’ll also be able to customize your friendly android’s hair, face, clothing, AI, speech lines and voice.


It has also been reported that Freedom Wars will feature a growth element for the player. There will be a wide selection of weapons such as great swords and rifles, and they’ll be divided into long and short-ranged weapons. Most of the combat action will consist of cutting and destroying, similar to other games of the hunting genre, which also includes destroying certain parts of enemies.


Additionally, you’ll be able to use the thorny grappling vine on walls for mobility purposes and there will also be various types, with different abilities. It will also feature a growth system that reinforces the device.


Freedom Wars  is slated to be released sometime in 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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