Freeware Taiwanese Action-RPG Eternal Senia Is Now On Greenlight



Taiwanese action-RPG Eternal Senia was released for free back in December 2014. Now, its creator is hoping to distribute it on Steam, hence it is on Greenlight.


In it, you play as Senia as she seeks her sister who has gone missing, starting off in the Eternal Tower. You’ll have to battle creatures, solve block pushing and switch puzzles, and master some minor platforming challenges.


Combat in the game is similar to how it is in Ys I as Senia automatically attacks when walking into enemies, with both sides receiving damage in the collision. She also has a range of spells that she can cast to help her our, and that you can tie to hotkeys.


You’ll also find new weapons and equipment throughout the game that will deal greater damage to the bosses when you come across them. Items can also be crafted in the recipe list.


You can download the latest version of Eternal Senia on its website.



Chris Priestman