Fruitbat Factory Is Bringing Lionheart To Steam


ss_81a5ea0d0179918082b4068b02a93960a38711d5.1920x1080 Fruitbat Factory has picked up another Japanese doujin game. Shiisanmei’s Lionheart will be released for Windows PCs via Steam. It is a turn-based RPG with 10 playable characters that can be added to your party, over 100 kinds of monsters, and Japanese voice acting.


Lionheart stars an adventurer named Leon Lionheart. While exploring Libra Corridor, a Magic Labyrinth, a Justicar named Mariabell Sinkirk finds and forces him to join her cause. They’ll then need to delve into the dungeon’s depths to discover its secrets, bringing with them Emma, a Libra nun, a mercenary named Orsin, and a number of other characters.


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The Steam release of Lionheart will have a few exclusive features. The monster art has been updated for this version of the game. Steam achievements and cloud saves will also be available.


An exact release date for Lionheart has yet to be announced. Currently, it is listed as “coming soon” on Steam.

Jenni Lada
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