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Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins Shows Off Its Impressive Mechs And Equippable Weaponry



Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins had a new batch of screenshots and Arm Slave info released today, showing off the Crossbow, some of the missions where Sousuke is forced to use the mech against enemies, and new information on equippable weaponry. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


fmp1 fmp2

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While chasing enemy organization Amalgam, Sousuke goes to the city of Namsaku in Southeast Asia, and is forced to use the Crossbow, a souped-up Rk-91 Savage, in Arm Slave tournaments. In some cases, he needs to use this second gen Arm Slave against even third gen Arm Slaves.




The Arm Slave that Sousuke is forced to use in the Arm Slave tournaments held in Namsak in Southeast Asia. Thanks to Nami’s customizations, various aspects of the mech have been improved, although it still is just a diesel engine-powered early Savage model.


The AS is named Crossbow to match the team name. However, upon coloring it the same as the Arbalest, Sousuke calls it ‘Al II’.


M6A3 Dark Bushnell


A Bushnell type that has been updated to fit the specifications for the US Navy. While not as good as the third generation M9, it boasts high mobility, especially in short bursts. Like the original M6, the Bushnell is an all-rounder robot that can even take on tough missions.


M9 Gernsback (??? Custom)


An M9 model that Sousuke must face, of which the pilot is unknown. Mithril should have been the only organization with M9’s, so Sousuke guesses that this machine may  have been stolen or captured.


It has a blue coloration that differs from Sousuke’s group. The pilot displays solid skill in the mech, throwing Sousuke for a loop thanks to the difference in capabilities.


Kurama (CV: Kazuhiro Yamaji)


An Amalgam member who is a professional that will use any means to complete a mission, no matter the ethics. Because he has been prohibited from smoking, he instead keeps carrot sticks in his cigarette case.


He and Sousuke have a long grudge with each other, to the point you could say they are each other’s greatest enemies.


Namsaku Police Chief (CV: Tessho Genda)


The corrupt police chief of Namsaku, who manipulates wins and losses in the Arm Slave tournaments with forged evidence and false arrests. He’s called the ‘Cold Criminal’ by Nami, and most of Namsak’s citizens know about his character.


He doesn’t think highly of Sousuke’s win streak.


Dao (CV: Tooru Sakurai)


An Arm Slave pilot who is part of the team Ogre in the AS leagues. He’ll be ruthless to do anything to get wins, and will murder people under the pretense of accidents, or maim people outside of competitions to get forfeits. He’s got a chip on his shoulder against Nami.


New weapons:




fmp14 fmp15

A long ranged and powerful weapon that cannot be used after moving the unit. It does equal damage to all the body parts of an enemy unit. Unlike the “Versile II” used by the M9’s, this one only hits once. Players will want to increase their accuracy as much as possible before using it.





fmp18 fmp19

A low ammo, low accuracy, and low crit weapon type that makes up for these issues in sheer power. However, it cannot target specific body parts.


Single-fire weapons



fmp22 fmp23

While single-fire weapons are long ranged, highly accurate, and powerful, they don’t have much ammo, and and slow down the next action for the unit using it. Positioning is also important as these weapons are not suited for close combat situations. As the name depicts, it only fires single shots.


Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan and Asia on May 31, 2018.

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