Fully Free Movement in Giant Mech Suits? Check.


Kickstarter title Project Nimbus is an ambitiously promising, but very much ready-to-show-it mecha flying game. From developers GameCrafterTeam in Thailand, Project Nimbus is promising to be a fast-paced, full 3D and fully 3D-maneuverable game for the PC.



While still in development, you just have to check out the many videos the team has already put out on their YouTube channel.



Set on an Earth that, of course, suffered an apocalypse, mankind is now living in the skies, Bespin-style. But we can’t get along, ever. Nope. So even after we’ve got ourselves settled down, we’re still fighting it out with special Battleframes—gigantic mechs with lots of weapons. These things are fast, too. The devs claim it’ll be possible to boost from the surface of what remains of Earth to low orbit “within minutes”.



One cool bit is the ability to utilize Battleframes that you’ve fought before, albeit only when replaying a cleared mission. This includes, for those tizzy with the thought, the ability to run around in enemy boss Battleframes.


The game isn’t asking for much, just some $6,000 in British pounds. But the devs are quick to inform us why they’re asking for such a low sum for Project Nimbus—living in Thailand, the cost of living is pretty low, making sure they keep prices down. Having gone there a couple of times I can attest to that. They’ve also got a list of voice actors lined up to do the voiceovers already!


If they meet their stretch goals, the game will head to Mac as well as possibly be Oculus-Rift compatible. I don’t even want to dream how cool playing a game set to this crazy speed will be like with the Oculus strapped to my head. As of this post, Project Nimbus has crossed its Kickstarter goal already, with about two weeks left to go.