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Funk Of Titans Is Bringing Its Blend Of Blaxploitation And Greek Mythology To Wii U



After initially releasing it on Xbox One, A Crowd of Monsters is bringing its musically-charged sidescrolling platformer Funk of Titans to Wii U on May 14th in North America. European Wii U owners will also get it some time this June. It’ll cost $8.99 , €8.99.


Combining elements of blaxploitation cinema with Greek mythology, Funk of Titans has you playing as Perseus (son of Zeus) as he attempts to defeat the Music Titans with his own brand of martial arts dubbed Funk-Fu. He also disco dances and even has his own Pegasus upon which to ride – handy for those larger titans.


There are over 40 levels to beat that take you across three music genres: Pop, Rap, and Rock. You bring the groove to these, trying out various weapons and helmets along the way, and collecting the golden records that litter the path from start to finish.


You can find out more about Funk of Titans on its website.

Chris Priestman