Gacha Rolls in Sakura Revolution May Involve Orbital Cats

Sakura Revolution Gacha

Sakura Revolution is just under a week away from its release, and its masters at Sega and Delightworks have opted to release a short, but potentially meaningful, trailer to keep would-be Commanders’ spirits up. Ostensibly a brief character tease, the trailer does contain one new development that fans have been curious about. We get a taste of the game’s gacha system.

Like many other games in the field, and like Delightworks’ other major title Fate/Grand Order, Sakura Revolution employs a randomized gacha-style system for recruiting new characters. The first few seconds of the trailer shows off what is likely the animation sequence for the Sakura Revolution gacha:

In it, Aogashima Combat Revue member Fuuka Aoshima, who doubles up as the Sakura Revolution chief technical expert, launches a rocket into Earth’s orbit. The rocket conducts a “Spirit Energy Survey” with the help of Gekamiki, a space-suited cat. Once a maiden with the high spirit power guts to go toe-to-toe with evil monsters and government toadies is found, the new girl is introduced. It’s a cute animation and a marked contrast to the more abstract gacha animations used by games of its type.

The trailer also introduces several more Sakura Revolution characters, two of which are new. Uchika Tateyama, Rin Shiranui, Mana Jujimachi, and Kusuno Imari are shown again, while two new characters, Nogiku Awaji and Nanako Biei are added to the already-large lineup. Nogiku (voiced by Teishi) is a Shooter-type member from Hyogo prefecture, and as a daughter of the illustrious Awaji family, helping others is her calling. Her Spiricle Dress has a clockwork motif and she carries a wand. Nanako is a Direct-type fighter from Hokkaido (like Mana), and her cause is animal welfare. Her yellow Spiricle Dress follows a fox theme and her ultimate attack uses cloning techniques. The trailer ends with a promo for the launch day special stream, making this the last broadcast for the pre-release period.

Sakura Revolution releases in Japan on iOS and Android devices on December 15, 2020. No global release plans have been announced as of yet. Check out the most recent trailer to see heroine Sakura Shino kick off her journey.

Josh Tolentino
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