Nintendo 3DS

Gaist Crusher Anime Based On Capcom’s New I.P. Begins This Month



Gaist Crusher, like any kids-targeted product worth its salt in Japan, has an anime tie-in to help build hype for Capcom’s new IP. The anime began airing on October 2nd at 6pm, the perfect for its target audience to sit down and watch. If you’re curious, there’s a (very tiny) special preview movie available on the official website.


The anime will explore the background of Gaimetal, the strange new metal ore discovered some 50,000 meters underground in 2047. Unfortunately, like how Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series is full of trolls encrusted with precious stones, mysterious beings called Gaist are stuck full of Gaimetals and rise up to defend themselves in 2055.


The main characters of the anime—Rekka, Hayato, Kurama and Siren—are part of those who don Gaist Gears to battle these strange foes. So… folks wearing armor to crush Gaist beasts… Ergo, Gaist Crusher.


Setting the anime up for the autumn season means it’ll be fresh in the minds of kids as they head into the holiday Christmas season (regaled full with Japan’s unique version, which involves Kentucky Fried Chicken) with the toys and game out just in time for it. Gaist Crusher will be out for the Nintendo 3DS December 5th.