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Gaist Crusher Has Co-Op/Versus Multiplayer Modes, Gai Metal 3DS Attachment



Capcom shared more details about their mixed media I.P., Gaist Crusher, from a recent presentation.


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Gaist Crusher’s battles have young men equipped with metallic life forms, known as Gaist and Gaist Gear. When you vanquish a Gaist, you will acquire an item called Gaimetal or Gaiphon, which can be set to create a Gaist Gear used in combat.



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The Gaist Gear will come in two different forms— The balanced fighting type of Mail Form and the offensive type in Weapon Form. Knowing how and when to use both forms of Gaist Gear will be a crucial part of winning battles in Gaist Crusher. Capcom also reports that there will be over 100 different Gaist Gears available, allowing you to collect as many you can and come up with your own strategies.


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In our earlier report, we mentioned that Capcom will draw on two of the company’s strengths to produce content for kids and multiplayer support. They elaborated more by talking about the three key points being: armament, transforming and collecting, as the focus to what appeals most to kids. All three of these features will be a big part of Gaist Crusher. The multiplayer modes will also have co-op and versus modes.



Here’s a look at five different elemental characters of Gaist Crusher:



The main character of Gaist Crusher uses a wolf-type fire attributed Gaist Gear called Flame Fenrir. Recca is a hot-headed character who happens to be quite the glutton, which is quite fitting as his family runs a bento shop.




Hayato’s Gaist Gear is the bird-type and wind attributed Wind Garuda. He’s an intellectual character who excels at using effective strategies in combat. He’s one of the smarter characters out there, however, he does seem to have his occasional slips.




Kurama uses an eight-headed snake Gaist Gear of earth attribute. He’s a ninja and is also part of a Gaist ninja organization. His looks aside, he has the mannerisms of a normal boy.




Siren’s Gaist Gear is the Blizzard Unicorn, it is based off a unicorn and has an ice attribute. He’s a lone-wolf type character from a severely cold place, known as Icegard.




This guy is the villain that appears in front of Recca and friends. He’s a mysterious Gaist Crusher that uses a dragon based lightning Gaist Gear, Lightning Dragoon.



There are several support characters that will be helping Recca and friends on their adventure, such as the GCG (Gaist Crusher Garrison,) which consists of the director Vulcan, professor Luminera, captain Bana and the three operator sisters.



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Capcom will also have a real life Gai Metal which can be set on the Nintendo 3DS. This device will get you rare items such as exclusive Gaist Gear and more after installing it to the 3DS.


Gaist Crusher is slated for release this winter for the Nintendo 3DS.

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