If you miss defeating robot bosses and taking their powers Gaist Crusher might be the game for you. Capcom’s upcoming action game has a system that brings back memories of Mega Man.


gaist-01 gaist-02


Gaists are mechanical monsters in the world of Gaist Crusher and Gaist Gears let you transform into them. This fight shows Onmyo Yatagarasu a monster that attacks with its sharp claws and pointy beak.


 gaist-05 gaist-04


If you can defeat a weakened enemy you may trigger a Crash Chance. This exposes a Gaist’s Gaimetal core and you have a limited amount of time to crush it. Your reward for crushing before the clock runs out is a new Gaist Gear. Onmyo Yatagarasu gives players a spear with a fire attribute.


gaist-06 gaist-08 gaist-07 gaist-09gaist-11 gaist-10


Gaist Crusher is slated for release on December 5 on Nintendo 3DS.

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