Capcom have released a new video showing off a couple of fights from their Treasure-developed action-RPG Gaist Crusher. In it, players can check out both Gaist Arts and Gaist Mode, previously talked about but never fully put on display. As the video above shows, the game really does look a little like Monster Hunter for younger kids. (Interesting, given the circumstances…)


Something the trailer doesn’t show, however, is multiplayer, which is an important aspect of these sorts of games, and something that Gaist Crusher has in spades with both co-op and competitive multiplayer modes.


We also have a new piece of information, though—after you’ve beaten down whichever Gaist baddy it is you’re currently hunting, a timer starts with a Crash Chance. The game shows the timer counting down from 50 seconds, and you have to completely blast off all that Gaimetal surrounding the core of the Gaist before time’s up. We assume if you fail, the thing comes back.


Capcom have also shared more of Gaist Crusher’s monsters and gear. First up is the Cool Absolute Zero Young Noble, an ice-based Gaist Gear that can fire off a Gaist Art called Crystal Symphony. The Art summons up a whirlwind of pure cold that pummels foes into submission.



When transformed into Gaist Mode, players become the avatar of the Blizzard Unicorn, which can attack from afar with an arrow attack (From its horns?).


That should come in handy to help resist the attacks of the latest Gaist monster, the Sub-Zero Snowman Hale Frost. Shooting out unique snowflake projectiles and sliding in from afar with a slide-kick, it’ll take a good lickin’ and keep on tickin’. Maybe it might be better to pack the fire gear from Silver Raker?


Gaist Crusher will be out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan December 5th. Our own hands-on impression is over here.


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