Nintendo 3DS

Gaist Crusher Shows Off A Range Of Stylish Special Moves


Capcom is pushing the Gaist Crusher button hard, hoping the game lands with a big splash. It’s a neat looking multiplayer-focused title with merchandise to entice buyers, and there’s even an anime planned for the new IP. On the gameplay front, however, the latest info we have is on Gaist Arts—special moves that can be performed when each Gaist Gear’s Gaist Art gauge fills up.


These moves pack a powerful punch and are separate from the EX Burst (the bottom gauge in the above picture) that we talked about previously. Take a look at some of the Gaist Arts below.



Silver Raker: Super Burst Exploding Firebomb

Silver Raker’s Geist Art, it blows a huge fist of fire straight at foes.



Diamond Temple Hayato: Diamond Golden Fist Hurricane

A massive whirlwind of golden fists spins around players, slicing up any foes that dare come into contact with it.



True Copper Kurama: True Copper Secret Ninja Art Technique Porcupine

The ground around the player turns into a spiky deathtrap for foes, sharp spears of light suddenly spiking up into their soft underbellies or feet.




There’s also a quick reveal of a new foe that players will have to fight—Dark Dullahan. The armored knight rides around with wheels instead of legs, using his great maneuverability and twin lances to mow down foes and villages alike.


Gaist Crusher will be out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan December 5. You can read our recent hands-on impressions of it here.