Nintendo 3DS

Gaist Crusher Has Its Own Version Of Cait Sith… And He Isn’t Friendly.


The only phrase stuck in my head while watching this video was “We dug too deep”. Because really, with Gaist Crusher’s premise of having dug into the Earth to discover the new Gaimetals and awakening their guardians, you can’t help but feel that’s what happened here.



This week’s Gaiboss-of-the-Week video sees us going head to head against Magical Cait Sith. Oh, and we’re wearing last week’s skin too just like the week before—Skull Bargast.


Yes, Cait Sith does have magical attacks, which it’ll channel when it jumps away from you. Cait’s style seems to be a little bit of jump in, swipe and claw, and then jump back safely out of range again when the enemy retaliates. That seems to be a big problem for the Gaimetal Skull Bargast suit, which looks to be swinging some heavy gear when it attacks.


That doesn’t stop the player from eventually beating Cait Sith down, though. Also, if you’ve been paying really close attention, the two little down arrow signs next to your portrait are your remaining “lives”—or how many times you’ll be able to get back up with a full meter bar again if you get dropped. Great for people who can’t perfect block in time like me.


Cait Sith will also be able to swing its own area-of-effect cloud of dust by digging rapidly in the dirt while facing away from you. Despite the short range of the attack, it’ll be hard to get in close and capitalize though, as this move still allows a limited amount of mobility for the wily magical cat-robot to adjust if players swing in from the side.


Ensure the magical robo-kitty takes its final nap when Gaist Crusher hits store for the Nintendo 3DS, December 5th.