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Gal Gun 2’s Cute Heroines Star In Its Opening Video



Inti Creates shared a new video showing Gal Gun 2’s opening animation. The video features a look at some in-game footage, animation, and illustrations for its key girls.


The track in the opening animation is called “Otome no Yokubou ☆ Dangerous” and it is composed by Kazunori Yamada, has lyrics written by Hako Factory, arranged by TAKUYA (INOHEADPARK jAcKp★TrASH), and performed by Risu’s voice actress Chisa Kimura, Nanako Tamame’s in  Yuna Taniguchi, and Chiru Kondo’s in Risae Matsuda.


We also got a look at the first-print bonus costume, the “Over-destroyed School Swimsuit” at the end of the video.


Gal Gun 2 releases in Japan on March 15, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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