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Gal Gun 2’s First Trailer Shows How You’ll Suck Up Demons And Clothes With The Demon Sweeper


Gal Gun 2

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Inti Creates released the first trailer for Gal Gun 2 showing plenty of gameplay with the “Demon Sweeper” vacuum that sucks up demons away from the girls as well as their clothes, accidentally on purpose.


We previously saw the Demon Sweeper device in Gal Gun VR and it is back for more in Gal Gun 2. The device is used to suck away demons that are possessing girls, but the wind it produces may blow up the girls’ skirts.


You can strengthen it to suck up demons more effectively in the “Hyper Vacuum Mode” but this may cause you to suck up clothes from the girls, unintentionally.


Gal Gun 2 has over 70 female characters including students and teachers from Sakurazaki Academy. There are plenty of other new features including defensive battles and “Doki Doki Mode,” but we’ll learn more about those on a later date.


We might end up hearing more info on the game when Inti Creates hosts the game’s first broadcast on November 29 at 9:00pm JST. The event will be available for viewing over at YouTube, NicoNico Live, and Fresh!


Gal Gun 2 releases in Japan on March 15, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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