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Gal Gun: Double Peace Trailer Shows How You’ll Win The Hearts Of Dozens Of Girls



In Gal Gun: Double Peace,the protagonist has the ability to make girls fall in love with him, but once this magic runs out, he’ll never get a girlfriend again. That said, he’ll need to find a fated girl to have her confess her true love before the sun sets. The latest trailer shows us how it’s played.


During the game, you’ll have mobs of angry girls going towards you at all times, so you’ll need to shoot them with your arrow of love to make them stand back. There are over 70 different girls throughout the game.


You’ll also a “see-through” ability, but it has it’s special uses, not to look through clothes to see the different designs and colors of underwear. You can alos have it changed so they wear different kinds of underwear.


By using the special “Ecstasy Shot,” you’ll get to one-shot them and make them fall in love with you. There’s also the “Charge Shot” that lets you do so from an even further distance. The “Doki-Doki Mode” will require you to find their weaknesses up close.


The red-haired demon Kurona is one of the main villains in Gal Gun: Double Peace. She can curse girls with mini-demons that make them even more aggressive than the usual girls that are angry at the protagonist. These girls have different reactions in the Doki-Doki mode, too.


There are over 70 girls, and you can also see all of their endings, or even share exchanges with them via social network, where you can listen to their requests and help them out. If you manage to shoot them with an arrow, you’ll get a chance to get closer to them, and maybe find them to be your fated one.


Gal Gun: Double Peace is now available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan.

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