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Gal Metal And Gungrave VR Physical Editions Include DLC


Gal Metal - Mani 1


Xseed has revealed what people can expect when they pick up a physical copy of Gal Metal for the Nintendo Switch or Gungrave VR for the PlayStation VR. In each case, getting a version of the game at retail will give you a physical copy of the game and some additional DLC.


In the case of Gal Metal, the $39.99 World Tour Edition physical copy of the game will include a cartridge and the Encore DLC. Encore adds five extra characters, each with a story and song. On the eShop, Gal Metal is $29.99 and the Encore add-on is $9.99.


Gal Metal - Rinko 04 Gal Metal - Rinko 01Gal Metal - Story 04 Gal Metal - Story 01 Gal Metal - Story 02 Gal Metal - Story 03 Gal Metal -Shiimi Gal Metal - Mani 1 Gal Metal - Mani 2 Gal Metal -Erii   Gal Metal - Group 01 Gal Metal - Group 02 Gal Metal - Group 03 Gal Metal - Group 04 Gal Metal - Rinko 02 Gal Metal - Rinko 03


The Gungrave VR Loaded Coffin Edition is similar. People get episode 1 and the standalone episode 2 DLC. It costs $39.99. If you purchase the first episode alone on the PlayStation Store, it is $29.99. The second episode, which is Gungrave VR U.N. and can be played without the base game, will be $14.99 for a digital copy.


Gungrave VR - 02 Gungrave VR - 03 Gungrave VR - 04 Gungrave VR - 05 Gungrave VR - 06 Gungrave VR - 07 Gungrave VR - 01


Gal Metal will come to the Nintendo Switch in Fall 2018. Gungrave VR will come to the PlayStation VR in Fall 2018.

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