Nintendo Switch

Gal Metal Jams Out With A Live Action Teaser Trailer



We recently learned that Tokyo Majin and Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters creator Shuho Imai is working on a new rhythm game called Gal Metal and it just got a live action teaser trailer.


The game is being made by DMM, known for making browser games and smartphones games, and Gal Metal is being made for Nintendo Switch. It features character designs by Toshinao Aoki and the executive producer is Tak Fujii, a former producer at Konami.


As for Gal Metal, it is being described as hardcore metal with high school girls, sci-fi yet juvenile, a music game and also an adventure game. More will be revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2017 later this month.


Gal Metal releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan in February 2018.

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