Game Dev Tycoon Adds Pirate Mode And Ninvento Swap


game dev tycoon pirate mode


The PC version of Game Dev Tycoon has been updated to add a little extra realism to people’s experiences. Version 1.6 has been released and brings with it improved UI for reviews and side bar messages, new topics for games, a fixed Women in Tech event, more platforms and the ability to add DRM.


In Game Dev Tycoon, in-game DRM is implemented via a new Pirate Mode. This is turned on or off at the start of a game. When Pirate Mode is enabled, you will have to work harder to sell games due to fans not liking DRM and will receive hate mail from time to time. Two achievements are now tied to this mode, with Statistical Anomaly being earned by reaching level two in Pirate Mode and Against All Odds unlocking if you beat the game in this mode.


As for the new platforms, they should look rather familiar. One is a new kind of late-game PC. The other is the Ninvento Swap. It is a system designed to look like the Nintendo Switch. You can develop for it and eventually read a news story about its bitter-tasting cartridges.


Game Dev Tycoon is available for the PC and mobile devices.

Jenni Lada
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