Game Freak’s Giga Wrecker Heads To The Mines




Game Freak has updated Giga Wrecker in time for Halloween, giving everyone playing the action game a treat. Reika is now able to enter the Pātāla Mine, also known as the Diamond Gate of Dragons.


As Reika explores the Pātāla Mine, she’ll encounter new game mechanics and enemies. For example, there are now conveyor belts in the game. There will also be images and story segments in the mine that explains how the Astra boss robots interact with and know one another. At the end of the mines, you’ll face Astra Rāhu. Rāhu is a robotic little girl that rides around on a giant worm. Adjustments to Reika’s animations and jump, as well as a Skill Tree adjustment, should be noticeable as part of the update.


New materials have been added to Giga Wrecker’s level editor. You can choose the mine theme in the creator. It’s also possible to use gimmicks, like the aforementioned conveyor belts, and objects from the mine in your custom levels.


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Giga Wrecker is available via Steam’s Early Access program for Windows PCs.

Jenni Lada
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