Nintendo 3DS

Game Freak’s Soliti Horse Dashes Out With An Exciting First Trailer



Teasing the silhouette of a mysterious creature along with the words, “That popular game that is played around the world, will be reborn in a surprising collaboration!” Pokémon developer Game Freak had the hearts of fans racing in anticipation. Then they announced the game as Soliti Horse, a 3DS eShop game that combines Solitaire and horse racing. Here’s a look at the game’s first trailer:



The moment you start a race in Soliti Horse, you’ll see a game of Solitaire appear on the bottom screen. By performing well in the Solitaire Phase, it’ll grant a boost to your horse, allowing you to gallop your way around others. Should you perform poorly, it backfires and will result in problems in your horse’s performance.


The Control Phase will have you play the role of the jockey, where you’ll be prompted to guide the horse with lines, and using the riding crop to help out on the final spurt.


Soliti Horse also offers different parts aside from racing, such as the ranch area that allows you to take care and breed different horses.


Soliti Horse is currently available on the Japanese Nintendo eShop for 500 yen.

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