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Gear Up For Super Robot Taisen UX’s Original Characters And More Mechas



Just in case Super Robot Taisen UX’s already star-studded lineup isn’t enough for you, Bandai Namco are adding some original characters and mechas for you to use in the battlefield.


Agnes Berge


19 year-old pilot of the Earth Federation Force of North America of lieutenant rank. He’s a serious and gentle character but shows his strength and determination when the lives of others are in danger. He was raised without any relatives and considers the facility to be his own family. He values the lives of others more than anything and will do everything he can to protect those around him, even if it means standing up against much stronger foes.




The Earth Federation’s next generation mobile weapon. It is an upgraded form of the original “Riot” with close-ranged combat enhancements. Equipped with the “Proton Generator”, its stability and mobility are second to none.


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Saya Kruger


18 year-old mercenary part of an organization known as Unknown Strikers. She wreaks havoc on the battlefield with her mobile weapon, known as Lyrath, along with her father Richard. She’s a pro among pro that never lets her emotions interfere with any given mission. She’s often sent on undercover missions but her weakness is not being able to express non-combat related feelings.




One of Unknown Strikers main mobile weapons piloted by Saya. It was designed to work co-operatively with the “Orpheus”, piloted by Richard Kruger and shares the same power engine called the Repton Vector. Its main role is to support other units but it also has the required firepower for times in need.



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Richard Kruger


Richard is the leader of Unknown Strikers and is also Saya’s father. He pilots the mysterious mobile weapon, Orpheus. He’s a patriot who does countless unrecognized jobs for his country that cannot be seen by the publick. He considers himself to be good-for-nothing and can be rather hard on himself, one such example is how he would accept a meal only after completing a mission which he considers worthy.


He quotes: “I don’t think of myself a defender of justice, but I’m not insensitive enough to simply watch the weak cry and do nothing about it.” as his reason to keep fighting.




The leading mobile armor of the Unknown Strikers. It has the same Repton Vector equipped by other weapons but Orpheus’ is overwhelmingly better than the rest. Together with the Lyrath, it can perform a combination attack, Hell Stinger, which almost guarantees a one-shot kill. However, it requires an almost perfect synchronization of the Repton Vectors between the two.


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Here’s a look at more Super Robot Taisen UX combat scenes:



From: Demonbane


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Fei-Yen HD

From: COMPOSITE Ver.Ka VR-014/HD Fei-Yen HD


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From: Linebarrels of Iron


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Ryuusou Ryuubi Gundam

From: SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors


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Super Robot Taisen UX will be taking off on March 14th, 2013.

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