Gelato Pique Mario Collaboration Lets You Dress Up as Yoshi

Gelato Pique Mario Collaboration Yoshi

Nintendo is pairing up with loungewear brand Gelato Pique for the second time, this time for a Super Mario collaboration featuring Yoshi merchandise. The new Colorful Yoshi series will include hooded loungewear, shirts, towels, and bags, as well as onesies for kids. Each item will come in a variety of the iconic rideable reptile’s signature colors. The collaboration will be available starting April 25, 2022, and will only be available in Japan. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The collaboration series will include a wide range of loungewear for men, women, babies, and kids. The main item for this series is a set of shorts and hoodies resembling Yoshi, which come in three different colors. Women’s sizes will come in blue, pink, and green, while kids’ and babies’ sizes will come in pink and green. Men’s will only be available in green. Prices range from ¥15,620 (about $121) for men’s sizes to ¥6,930 (about $54) for babies’ sizes.

Furthermore, the set also comes in an alternative pullover t-shirt version. This set includes a t-shirt with a sleeping Yoshi print, as well as the aforementioned Yoshi shorts. However, this set will only be available in women’s and men’s sizes. Men’s sizes will cost ¥13,640 (about $106), and women’s will cost ¥10,890 (about $85).

The second set is a series of patterned t-shirt and shorts combos and knee-length shirts, all of which come in a small drawstring sack resembling Yoshi’s egg. Men’s shirts will come in a dark grey color, while the rest will come in white. Prices start from ¥7,480 ($58) for women’s sizes, to ¥11,880 ($92) for men’s.

Finally, the collaboration will include various bags, carrying cases, and towels featuring a total of five different colored Yoshi. As a bonus, physical purchases will also come with a set of Yoshi stickers of the same design. The sticker set will come with a QR code on the back to download a special Gelato Pique Super Mario collaboration wallpaper.

The previous Gelato Pique Super Mario collaboration included similar loungewear of Mario and Yoshi. The collaboration also featured fluffy onesies, slippers, and other characters like Boo and the Super Mushroom. Nintendo has also worked with the brand to release a series of Animal Crossing merchandise.

The Gelato Pique Super Mario collaboration merchandise will be available in Japanese Gelato Pique stores and on the My Nintendo website starting April 25, 2022. Select items will also be available for international shipping using WorldShopping on Usagi Online.

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