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Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates To Release In Japan On August 4, 2016



    Compile Heart and Felistella revealed in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation that their upcoming PS Vita RPG Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is releasing in Japan on August 4, 2016. [Thanks, Hokanko-Alt.]


    Here are some of the Monster Girls that were revealed in the magazine:

    • Mimii (CV: Natsumi Takamori): A Mimic Monster Girl that has been going around holding hidden treasure.


    • Neko (CV: Kaoru Sakura): As the name implies, a “nekomimi” (cat ears) Monster Girl.


    • Riviera (CV: Kana Yuuki): A Monster Girl that is going after Parute and friends.


    • Garnet (CV: Hisako Tojo): A Monster Girl who protects ruins and wears glasses.


    • Droa (CV: Megumi Toda): A Monster Girl that attacks those that enter unexplored regions.


    Here’s a look at the voice cast for the seven main characters:


    • Parute Kairi (CV: Shizuka Ishigami)
    • Rindo (CV: Mariko Honda)
    • Succula (CV: Madoka Yonezawa)
    • Waffle (CV: Sumire Uesaka)
    • Jewel (CV: Kana Asumi)
    • Poron (CV: Chinami Hashimoto)
    • Clarette: (CV: MAO)


    Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates will release in Japan on August 4, 2016 for PlayStation Vita. A limited edition version will go for 9,504 yen. The standard edition will cost 7,344 yen and the digital version for 6,480 yen. You can check out more on the game’s story and Monster Girls in our earlier report.

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