Genshin Impact February Calendar Features Beidou

Genshin Impact Beidou Calendar

miHoYo released a Genshin Impact calendar for February 2022, featuring Beidou. The calendar is immediately available to download through the Genshin Impact Japanese Twitter account. The image is fairly simple, but it does feature an illustration of Beidou and works great as a phone background. She is shown alongside her signature weapon. The background of the illustration also features motifs associated with her character. Additionally, the Genshin Impact January 2022 calendar is immediately available as well. It features an illustration of Pyro polearm user Thoma. Like the Beidou wallpaper, it has several illustrated motifs associated with him.

You can take a look at the Genshin Impact February 2022 calendar featuring Beidou below.

Outside of the monthly calendars, miHoYo released a series of Genshin Impact live wallpapers through the N0va Desktop application. Those who have the application can download wallpapers featuring Klee, Diluc, and Zhongli. The live wallpapers, while not entirely interactable, feature motion graphics of the individual characters. For example, the Keqing wallpaper features her looking over Liyue with a white cat beside her. Additionally, the Venti wallpaper features the bard playing the lyre.

Genshin Impact is immediately available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Android and iOS devices. A Nintendo Switch version is currently in development.

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