Genshin Impact Keqing Live Wallpaper Now Available for PC

Genshin Impact Keqing Live Wallpaper

miHoYo and N0va Desktop released a Genshin Impact Keqing live wallpaper for PC. Similar to previous Genshin Impact wallpapers released through N0va Desktop, these live wallpapers featuring motion graphics. This new Genshin Impact live wallpaper features Liyue Harbor as a backdrop, with Keqing and a white cat. The wallpaper is immediately available to download through the N0va Desktop application.

Previous wallpapers have included Diluc, Zhongli, Ayaka, Kazuha, Klee, and Venti. These wallpapers are available for Android devices and PC. Each one features the individual character in different environments. For example, the Diluc wallpaper features the character at the Dawn Winery, while the Zhongli wallpaper has the archon in Liyue. However, unlike previous N0va Desktop wallpapers, the Zhongli wallpaper has two versions.

miHoYo announced a special Genshin Impact event in mid-December 2021. However, this event is being held outside of the game at a resort located in the Alps. It will feature exciting content for attendees to participate in. Additionally, the resort now features several pieces of promotional artwork. This includes a Venti standee attendee that is set up in the snow.

N0va Desktop is available for Android devices and PCs. Genshin Impact is available on the PS4, PS5, PC, and Android and Apple iOS devices.

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