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Genshin Impact Kurious Kamera Photo Colors Are Random


The Genshin Impact Five Flushes of Fortune event is here! People can now take pictures to earn rewards like Primogems, Hero’s Wits, Mora, and Mystic Enhancement Ore. But for those worrying about getting the right colors to complete sets, there is something to keep in mind. It seems the ensuing color you get from a Genshin Impact Kurious Kamera photo is random.

Here’s how the event actually works. Each day, you are assigned a color. This is actually telling you what color items you need to photograph to get pictures for the event that day. So February 3, 2021’s color was “red.” This means the Genshin Impact Kurious Kamera would react to and automatically take pictures of certain items attributed to that color when they would be in-frame. If you’re actually in Liyue Harbor, walking up to one of the Silk Flower bushes and taking a picture of it would trigger a response. In Mondstat, walking up to Springvale sunsettia tree would also trigger a photo.

Your goal each day is to get one photo of each of the five colors. So even though on February 3, 2021 you’d take pictures of “red” items, you wouldn’t just get “Crimson” photos. You would have a random chance of getting a Crimson, Ochre, Pale Gold, Purple Aster, or Ultramarine print. You have 10 chances total to take pictures. Photos you don’t turn in will carry over until the next day, with people able to hold up to 50. (Also, you can always “Photo Swap” with people on your Friend List to try and get colors you need.)

genshin impact kurious kamera event

The three red sunsettia on this one tree gave me Photo: Ochre, Photo: Pale Gold, and Photo: Ultramarine.

At the moment, we only know the color and reward for the first day. When I turned in mine, I got 60 Primogems and some Mora. This can be done eight times, for a total of 480 guaranteed Primogems.

genshin impact kurious kamera flushes of fortune

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. A Nintendo Switch version is also on the way. The Five Flushes of Fortune event will run until February 10, 2021.

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