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Genshin Impact Summer Night Mementos Event Now Available

Genshin Impact Summer Night Mementos Event

The Summer Night Mementos event for Genshin Impact is now available. However, the event will not be held within the game. Instead, players can use a web browsers through their phone or PC to access the event. In order to obtain rewards players will need to scan a QR code at the bottom left-hand corner of the Summer Night Mementos webpage. Primogems and Mora can be obtained through event participation.

The Summer Night Mementos event in Genshin Impact will focus on taking pictures of select locations. In order to receive the mentioned rewards, which also include Agnidus Agate fragments, you will need to share the pictures you’ve taken. However, you don’t need to upload them anywhere to receive the rewards. You simply need to press the share button.

The event itself is relatively short, as players will only need to take a total of three pictures to receive all of the available rewards. This includes a picture of the food stall, the prayer rack, and the gate at the top of the hill. However, in order to progress you must first take a picture of the food stall. From there you can progress by sharing your pictures. The final picture features Yoimiya, a new character that has been introduced with the Inazuma region.

Genshin Impact is immediately available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Android and iOS devices. A Nintendo Switch version is in development.

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