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Genshin Impact’s Xinyan Is Easy to Overlook

Genshin Impact Xinyan

While the Genshin Impact roster isn’t terribly deep yet, we’re at a point where it might be easy for a new character to end up benched. Maybe you already have a claymore user that works for you, like the easy-to-acquire Noelle or the generally revered Razor. It’s especially an issue if there’s a five-star out there that does what they do and is highly prized. That’s the position Genshin Impact’s Xinyan finds herself in. She can be a generally good and helpful character, but arrived at a time when people might not recognize what she can do.

First, you have to understand why Xinyan has it so rough. One of the first Genshin Impact five-star characters is Diluc, a Pyro claymore-wielder. He’s generally considered among the best characters in the game. While each one has unique special skills, they’re the same type of character, which might have people prioritizing a chance of earning him and putting her aside. Diluc is a five-star, meaning he’ll naturally be stronger, and has a stellar moveset.

Genshin Impact Xinyan

Xinyan also debuted in a banner with three other claymore users, Razor and Chongyun. Razor in particular is prized for how his energy recharge rate can increase and his cooldown for attacks decrease with ascensions and that his constellations increase his damage and critical rates. Both Diluc and Razor are known for being great damage per second characters, which are roles she’d also fill. So even on her own banner, one of the other focus units is her competition. Not to mention Razor was sold in the Paimon’s Bargain shop for Masterless Starglitter throughout October 2020, so people might have already acquired him and started building him up.

It also doesn’t help that, well, she’s competing with Qiqi for resources. Qiqi is another one of Genshin Impact’s five-stars and, like Diluc, is prized for her versatility. She’s a handy attacker and healer. However, both Xinyan and Qiqi use Violetgrass. Unlike most flowers in the game, it only grows on the sides of cliffs. When you do find one, you will only find one. (Other flowers are easier to find and might even be found in groups.) Given the scarcity, someone who owns both of them might not want to bother using something so rare on Xinyan. As someone in that unique position, Qiqi is always my priority.

But it’s a shame that she is overshadowed by other characters. (I’m sure you saw this is where I was going with all this.) Xinyan really has some great elements in her kit going for her. For example, you have someone who’s going to deal damage and protect herself at the same time.

Genshin Impact Xinyan

Her scale of destruction with Sweeping Fervor is fantastic when you’re dealing with Commissions involving groups of enemies or Domains with a lot of foes. When she uses it, there’s a Pyro AOE around her, her weapon has the Pyro element, she’s hugely protected against any Pyro attacks, and hitting over three enemies gives her a shield that will also constantly deal damage to enemies around her while it is in effect. Her Riff Revolution Burst does, well, even more Pyro and physical damage to anyone around her. And if you do decide to invest in ascensions, you won’t have to hit as many enemies for the AOE shield effect to kick in with Sweeping Fervor and the shield will offer a physical damage buff.

It’s just a shame Genshin Impact’s Xinyan launched when she did. She’s a cool character with a great design and a moveset that is really fantastic for running your daily Commission and Domain errands. She just happened to debut on a banner with two other four-star claymore-wielders, one of whom is highly valued. Plus, there’s already a stellar Pyro claymore user in the game. But if you do manage to add her to your party and find you’re lacking in either department, maybe consider letting her headline your show.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and both Android and Apple iOS devices. It will also come to the Nintendo Switch. Genshin Impact’s Xinyan is currently a focus unit on a banner with Zhongli, Razor, and Chongyun, which will end on December 23, 2020.

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