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Gensokyo Defenders Announced As The Latest Touhou Project Fan Game For PS4



Publisher Mediascape recentlly announced that the doujin circle Neetpia’s Touhou Project game Gensokyo Defenders is headed to PlayStation 4.




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In Gensokyo Defenders we’ll see plenty of fairies fight using “Spell Cards” and “Traps” in an action tower defense style system. Not only do you set traps to take out enemies, but you’ll get to choose from the 20 Touhou Project characters and also jump in on the action as well. So think something along the lines of Dungeon Defenders but with Touhou characters.




as you’d expect from a proper tower defense-style game, there are hordes of enemies to take on in each stage, including bosses that appear at the end.



The story and stages are all fully-voiced, so fans of the series can enjoy seeing some of their favorite characters interact in a different style of game.


A release date for Gensokyo Defenders has yet to be announced, but we’ll likely find out more at an upcoming Touhou Project fan event that is to take place on May 7.

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