Get A Look At The Mysterious Teaser For Japanese Indie Game Strange Telephone



Japanese indie developer Magniflop has released a teaser for their upcoming 2D “escape the room” game Strange Telephone. You can watch it above.


As Strange Telephone is supposed to be full of surprise and mystery there are currently few details on it. What we do know is that you play as a girl trapped inside a room with a range of technological items – an old telephone, a TV remote, and so on.


You can collect some of the items and place them in the girl’s inventory to be used at another time and place. You can also dial numbers into the telephone to ring them. With this set-up you are to solve a number of tricks inside this room to escape.


Strange Telephone is due to be released for PC, iOS, and Android in late July. You can keep an eye out for updates on its website.

Chris Priestman