Get A First Look At Tiny Quest



InfinityPlusTwo, an Australian game studio led by Warlords and Puzzle Quest developer Steve Fawkner, has released a set of screenshots and character designs that give a first look of their newest project, Tiny Quest. The game is described by the studio as a “combine-to-craft fantasy adventure”. By assisting eight unique characters, players unlock character-driven stories that are a part of a larger fairy tale narrative.


Per the developer, the game boasts the following features:

• Free-to-play mobile gaming done right!
• The perfect blend of a casual gameplay, depth, and story
• A unique combine-to-craft mechanic which builds a world as you play
• Cute, engaging characters on a personal journey
• Loot and spells to add additional depth
• A colorful, positive game world
• Our hallmark – it’s easy to learn, and tricky to master


Leading art design for Tiny Quest is Rhiannon Bolton, who also worked on Puzzle Quest. See the characters animated in their idle state, including a fire wizard, rogue thief, archer huntress, demon temptress, druid, elf queen, ice wizard, death knight, and barbarian berserker.


Male-Fire-Wizard_Idle Male-RogueThief_Idle Female-Archer-Huntress_Idle Female-Demon-Temptress_Idle Female-Druid_Idle Female-Elf-Queen_Idle Female-Ice-Wizard_Idle Male-Death-Knight_Idle



The first screenshots of Tiny Quest offer a glimpse of what the characters look like in the game environment, and show some of the diverse terrains players will come across in the game.




Tiny Quest is expected to launch worldwide on Android, iOS, and PC in February 2017. Starting in October, a soft launch will make the game available in Australia, Canada, Italy, and Malaysia.