Fancy getting married because both sides hate each other’s guts? Well, that’s what life’s like for those living in the world of new upcoming smartphone game Wedding on the Battlefield.


Those who play many free-to-play card game battlers for their smartphones know how the system works to power up their monsters/familiars/girls/whatevers. You first capture or acquire others of their ilk and usually sacrifice them in a bloody and messy blood ritual to the original creature to power them up. This gives you a more powerful original creature, sometimes enhancing their abilities or even evolving them entirely ala Pokémon.


Now we’ve got a cool twist on the premise with new iOS and Android game Wedding on the Battlefield. In this game, players will have to capture both male and female characters and then marry them together.


Now, there’s a minor bit of interesting oddity here in that there aren’t just humans running around in this world that seems to have split male and females apart from each other in unending hatred, with you here to try to strike the peace back. There’s angels, demons, elves and all the other folk as well and the game is adamant that everyone can get married to someone else as long as they’re of the opposite sex.


Before those who champion for equal rights of the gay and lesbian community rise up, there’s a reason for this: Once married, the couple have a chance to generate a new offspring child, with skills and powers inherited from them and further enhancing your eventual troops. Sounds legit!


Wedding on the Battlefield will be out for iOS and Android some time later this year. Early signups get “Twin Bishop Annie and Elle” as special promo characters.



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