Get Ready For The Waifu Wars, Fire Emblem Heroes Reveals Its New Voting Gauntlet Matches


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Fire Emblem Heroes is kicking off its second Voting Gauntlet event tomorrow, and we got a look at the match-ups for the first round. The new Grand Hero Battle featuring Navarre also started tonight.


Here’s the match-ups for the first round of the Wyern Riders vs. Pegasus Knights Voting Gauntlet, from the game’s official Japanese Twitter account:



Hinoka vs. Camilla


Cordelia vs. Cherche


Palla vs. Minerva


Tsubaki vs. Beruka


As for the Grand Hero Battle featuring Navarre: Scarlet Sword, it started tonight and will go on until April 9. It comes in Hard mode at Lv.30 and Lunatic mode at Lv.40 for a chance to get Navarre at 3-star and 4-star, respectively.



The Summoning Focus: Grand Hero Navarre is also available, and it gives you better chances of getting 5-star Heroes Caeda, Kagero, Sophie, and Effie.


Fire Emblem Heroes is available on iPhone and Android.

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