Get Rid Of A Flirtatious Demon In Yuri Visual Novel Starlight Vega



While exploring her grandfather’s house, Aria accidentally unleashes Lyria, a flirty demon, from her stone prison. Forced to stay connected, this makes life difficult for Aria and her budding possible romances in Starlight Vega, a yuri visual novel now available on Steam




After freeing the demon, Lyria, the two become connected via a lifestone, which means that they’ll both feel repercussions if they’re apart. This is a problem for Aria, a high-school girl who just wants to be free of the demonic presence. Lyria seems to want the opposite, though.




Starlight Vega has three romance routes dictated by player choices, leading to multiple endings. A harem ending is available for dedicated players who can’t make a choice on which girl they like best as well.

Alistair Wong
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