Go Toe To Toe With Horror Icons Of The ‘90s In Devil’s Dare



Secret Base has announced that its 2D zombie beat-em-up for to 4 players in local multiplayer, Devil’s Dare, is coming to Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on October 21st. Just in time for Halloween, then.


Devil’s Dare is the spiritual successor to Secret Base’s free beat ‘em up Bitejacker (which was based on Anthony Carboni’s indie game video show Bytejacker), which means it’s a bit of parody, with classic game heroes going up against monsters from ‘90s horror movies (Jason Voorhees is one of the bosses).


It’s inspired by the likes of Streets of Rage and Final Fight, and Secret Base says its combat system is based on the simply but engaging one of Super Smash Bros. Each of the four playable characters (and two secret unlockable ones) each have their own unique moves, including throws, bombs, and massacres.


Being inspired by classic arcade games, Devil’s Dare has a permadeath system in place that will gobble up the cash you make if you’re not careful. For every kill you earn money, which is used to purchase upgrades and revive you when dead. When you run out of cash you’re dead for good and will need to start over.


To ensure you’re not playing the same level over and over, the level select gives you a few choices, and once you’ve beaten a level by slaughtering its boss and claiming your random upgrade, the next level you select will be longer and tougher.


Fans of bloody brawlers and local multiplayer co-op may want o consider picking up Devil’s Dare when it comes out on October 21st. You can find more information about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman